Decorated Cakes


For more information, please refer to the Notes for Exhibitors in the Show Schedule
Images used are for display purposes only and do not suggest appropriate entries for this class.


Decorating Cakes Section Clarification

  • Exhibits will not be refrigerated. Any cakes that do not keep their form/structure may be removed from the display.
  • Judging Information/Technical Sheet to be included with each entry to advise the use of specific techniques or construction, and/or the use of an innovative idea.  Download
  • Block may be used in place of cake where specified, but MUST be able to be replicated in cake.
  • A written inscription on cake to be included on entry tag.

Ribbon, tulle, wire, stamens, edible colouring, gold or silver leaf, edible glitter, cachous, piping gel, coconut, posy picks, manufactured pillars, raffia, braid and cord in presentation Internal supports Non sugar edible products – use minimally to enhance exhibit

Buttercream or ganache (unless specified) Unprotected Wires which penetrate cake or icing.   Cold porcelain