2016 Wrap Up

The year that was. The weather was wild and the forecast bleak but the community answered the call of our long established and recently renewed society. With an attendance of over 2500 community members the volunteers of our Show team were amazed by our town and region's efforts.

The Bairnsdale Show forged on, reinventing itself with motivation and enthusiasm towards new ideas and event to better entertain the attendees. The local district was given great opportunity to display and promote what they did best. Ranging from Cookery to Photography, Artwork to Poultry; everything our town wanted to show was on display to be proud of.

Last years event was also a major learning curve for our novice Show committee. A crash course in event planning, accounts, sponsorship, vendors and entertainers gave our team plenty to learn and develop whilst on the run. After the event was finished we received great feedback to better refine the Agricultural Show experience.

A number of improvements recommended included; more livestock and agricultural machinery for viewing and a wider range of stalls. Well we are listening, but in order to start doing we need more hands to help. We are always happy to accept positive, dedicated team players. If you have ever wanted a part in the community with the opportunity to organise sizeable events then speak to us today.

Vice President Jack Peterson’s Show Review 2016

Photography: Nicole Peterson